Zestt Wellness Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I take EXhale®?

For those with unhealthy lungs, we recommend taking EXhale® on a daily basis (10mL per day).  Note that in times of stress, two 10mL doses per day can be taken, provided that people don’t exceed the following:

  • The daily recommended maximum dose of quercetin, which is 1,200mg (note there is 500mg of quercetin in one dose of EXhale®, but there are other supplements and medicines which may contain quercetin);
  • The daily recommended maximum dose of zinc, which is 50mg (note there is 15mg of zinc in one dose of EXhale®, but there are other supplements and medicines which may contain zinc).

For those with healthy lungs, we recommended taking EXhale® as needed – in times of environmental stress or illness (10-20mL per day).


What ingredients are in EXhale® and are they natural?

The bioactive ingredients in EXhale® are natural and are sourced from New Zealand and imported (where not grown in New Zealand).  The bioactive ingredients are:

  • Anthocyanins – a boysenberry and blackcurrant extract, with immune boosting properties and lung health properties;
  • Quercetin – a plant flavonol, with immunity properties, extracted from buds of the Japonica saphora tree, acts as a zinc ionophore which means it helps zinc cross cell membranes;
  • Chelated zinc – a form of zinc in its most bioavailable form;
  • Mānuka honey (UMF 20+) – oral immunity properties and acts as a carrier for quercetin to support absorption.


Where is EXhale® produced?

EXhale® is produced in Dunedin, New Zealand by Zestt Wellness.  We are a New Zealand Government accredited manufacturing centre (certification can be provided on request).

Our staff are trained in food hygiene safety standards.  One of our co-founders is immuno-compromised – we truly understand the importance of food and nutraceutical manufacturing hygiene for such groups of people.


What is the science behind EXhale®?

Click here to read the science behind EXhale®. Our co-founders are both scientifically trained and have extensively used peer-reviewed scientific literature to formulate EXhale®.  We have analysed EXhale® for its immunity properties in an accredited University laboratory.  We have had the science behind the EXhale® formula independently scientifically reviewed by scientists and medical practitioners internationally.


Have clinical trials been done on EXhale®?

Clinical and pre-clinical trials have been done by scientists on ingredients within EXhale®. We are currently seeking funding to support clinical trials of EXhale® in immune-compromised groups with chronic lung disease.  Ultimately, we are aiming for EXhale® to be available as a prescribed medicine as well as a nutraceutical.


Should I take EXhale® everyday?

For people with chronic lung issues, we recommend taking EXhale® every day, for others, we recommend taking EXhale® everyday or when you feel like your immune system needs a boost.  Please note that EXhale is a fortified food product.


I have been told that my lung disease is incurable, how will EXhale® help?

EXhale® won’t cure diseases, but it can help reduce inflammation and phlegm and support your immune system.  Please note that EXhale is a fortified food product.


How does EXhale® work?

EXhale® has immune boosting bioactives, anthocyanins, quercetin and zinc to bolster your health.


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