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  • Targeting chronic inflammation is the number one public health concern that Zestt addresses;
  • Worldwide, three of five people die due to chronic inflammatory diseases - like stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, dementia and diabetes;
  • In 2000, nearly 125 million Americans were living with chronic conditions and 61 million (21%) had more than one.
  • Zestt designs and develops products which target the underlying causes of inflammation, reducing associated symptoms and upstream problems.


For more information contact info@zesttwellness.com

Customer Feedback on Breathe+

Breathe+ formerly known as EXhale

"I recently bought two boxes of Exhale as I have asthma. What a great product it really works, I will definitely be buying some more of this product." Thank you so much! - Michelle S. 

"I have taken these for a week now and I have noticed a big difference in energy levels and also I have been able to do a workout at the gym." - Yolanda B. 

"I have just started using this - as both a preventive and to help with asthma symptoms. I have only taken it 5 days and am really surprised that I can feel a difference. Going on a couple of walks that I usually would have to use my inhaler - I started to get a bit wheezy the first time then it just went away and the second one - no wheezing! I’m very impressed as I was skeptical - so glad I tried it. Thank you." - Dianne R.  

"I don't plug products but this one I am. Since July last year, I have been taking the liquid form of Zestt EXhale. I had a few bad weeks of bronchitis then where my energy levels were zilch. I was devastated having to miss several tangi.... Every night especially, I would cough, cough, cough, even while taking my meds. Anyway, thanks to Zestt, I have not had cold or flu. Nor have I had Covid. I'm convinced that my immunity to illness has built up and now I intersperse my intake of EXhale liquid with the lozenges. Have a go." - Pua T.  

"When I take a dose of the liquid Exhale, the coughing stops immediately, it is rather nice to taste too. Now I give it to my friends and great grandchildren when they are at my home, they ask for another dose lol. No coughs at Nana's house." - Sherrell M 

"A wonder product. I've been sick & coughing. I couldn't sleep so decided to try the EXhale Immunity & Lung Health tablets I'd bought recently. Instant relief, coughing ceased and I could sleep all night. Amazing product! Will be ordering more." Kate L.  

"I have been using the EXhale syrup for over 6 months now as I am an ex-smoker and my breathing has improved so much, I don't get anxiety like I used to and my oxygen saturation has improved as well. I highly recommend this product." - Melanie A" 

"These changed my life!! I suffered severe lung damage from COVID and after 2 months of taking EXhale 2x a day I’m now jogging 3 days a week! I honestly thought I’d never be able to jog again. Thank you Zestt Wellness." - Christy P. 

"Absolutely 100% recommend. My daughter has had a cough her whole life, could never get it fully gone. ONE DOSE. it's GONE!!!!! 6ish weeks now!! She sleeps much better, finds exercise much easier and is just generally breathing a lot better with NO COUGH!! 

Thanks so much to everyone who helped create this awesome product." - Alyssa T. 

“Hi, my partner with COPD has been using it for two months now and we feel that he has been breathing easier, ie not on steroids! He is walking each day for 30-50 mins and is generally coping more!” - Kay M. 

“I have acute sinusitis since coming to NZ 22 years ago. Had bronchitis. Got antibiotics and steroids but it did not help. Bought one bottle. Got rid of the sticky phlegm and bought 3 more bottles. I am very happy ” - Desiree R. 

“I have IPF and bronchiectasis. Exhale has helped to keep my lungs clear. The lozenges are convenient and easy to take and have significantly reduced my cough. Love the fact this is a NZ product and the immune support is a bonus.” - Megan. 

“I don't normally have difficulties breathing, or any kind of lung disease, but in the space of just one week these lozenges have made my lungs feel so much clearer. As an athlete and a group fitness instructor, I'm always looking for clean products that can improve my performance, and this is it! At rest I have noticed a difference in the clarity of my breathing, especially through my chest/lower respiratory tract, and within my peak HIIT zone I have noticed an even bigger difference. It's so much easier to suck in a deeper breath at my peak when I need it most, and so much easier to breathe when I have to instruct/talk through exercise." -Kay P

I absolutely love the taste of these, and the fact that they contain probiotics, and NZ sourced ingredients is such a bonus!! 
I have had a couple of asthmatic friends try these as well and they have noticed a HUGE difference in their asthma, so would highly recommend, not just for anyone who has difficulty breathing, but for athletes looking to improve their performance!” - Emma S. 



The Science of Lung Health

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