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January 2023

Otago Daily Times

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January 2023

National Business Review

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 April 14th, 2022

The Holistic GP Podcast

Start-up Finalist in European awards

Zestt Wellness Otago Times Article

Anna Campbell and Darcy Schack have a zest for life.

Now, the Dunedin start-up, Zestt Wellness, they co-founded is a finalist in the 2022 NutraIngredients Europe Awards.




Discovering True Health

Episode 28: How Bioactives Help Improve Damaged Lungs after Covid19 and other Chronic Illnesses | Discovering True Health

The anthocyanins in boysenberry and blackcurrant are well documented in internationally science reviewed papers for their positive effects on the lungs and immunity in general. Fortunately, our lungs are the first out of any of our body’s organs to receive the benefits of consumed and absorbed bioactives (after our liver). This means that consumption of powerful bioactives will result in benefits to the lungs.



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Our Challenges Are Global, Not Just A NZ Govt. Problem I Anna Campbell, Zestt Wellness & AbacusBio

Brave leadership has been a fabric of our primary sector for the past century and now is a time to continue that attitude in the face of what many think is just a New Zealand government challenge when our farming cousins around the world are facing the same challenges.

Science entrepreneur and agri-business commentator, Anna Campbell, is walking the talk transitioning from AbacusBio, a highly respected science, and technology firm operating from offices in Dunedin and Rotorua New Zealand, and Edinburgh, United Kingdom, to co-founding natural health business, Zestt Wellness, to support immunity and improve lung health.


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Bioactives company adds its zest to improve health

Anna Campbell describes herself as a startup person.

The former managing director of agribusiness consulting firm AbacusBio is now pursuing her long-time interest in plant bioactives.

While her AbacusBio journey — which would finish at the end of this year — had been "amazing", the exciting and fast-moving nature of a startup was where her heart was, she said.

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The Science of Lung Health

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