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Our Story

Zestt Wellness US is run by Rhonda Farley and Sandi Sefcik (under GRF Innovisions).  Rhonda and Sandi are based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and have backgrounds in medical testing and sales.




Co-founder, Darcy Schack, originally from Canada and with US grandparents, suffers from an autoimmune disease known as sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body, but mostly the lungs and lymph glands.  This has led to the development of COPD in Darcy's lungs and in 2019 he had a heart attack.

Darcy is now on a health recovery path - through a combination of eating fewer donuts, less pizza, increasing exercise and managing his pharmaceutical load and increasing his plant bioactive intake, through Zestt Wellness, he is in remission from Sarcoidosis. 

Darcy is driven to use his health experiences to support others on their path to health and wellness.  He is able to do this by utlising his background in physics and engineering and extensive food industry experience and innovating with his co-founder, Anna Campbell.

Dr Anna Campbell (PhD Plant Bioactives) has extensive scientific and commercial experience, she spent 15 years with AbacusBio, six of those as CEO, where she led an international team working in over 20 countries, on food and agricultural programmes. She also holds directorships in New Zealand and US science businesses.

Anna has worked with plants for many years and is passionate about using plant bioactives to improve health outcomes. 

She is adamant that the path we have led can be changed, "we all make mistakes and go down roads which don't help our health" - modern lifestyles of high stress and fast foods can be changed -

"Age can be defined by our biology, it can also be defined by our attitude!"