Science Team

As scientists, we have a passion for exploring the individual elements of nature to unlock its hidden properties. Paradoxically, we also believe in the power of the collective - the synergy when individual elements come together into something dynamic and new. 

In innovation, we also understand that when diverse minds unite, they can transcend what individuals achieve alone. With that in mind, we introduce you to the team propelling the discoveries at Zestt Wellness.


Dr Anna Campbell Scientist (PhD plant biotechnology) with interests in plant bioactives, and all things food and health.  She co-founded Zestt Wellness after stepping down as the Managing Director of AbacusBio in 2020, where she was involved in plant and animal genetics and food systems globally. 


Darcy Schack Engineering and physics background with a passion for innovation.  His own health experiences, dealing with sarcoidosis and COPD led him to co-found Zestt Wellness and extensive research and innovation around human health.


Science Advisory Team


Dr Peter Fennessy - Innovative scientist who founded AbacusBio and specialises in science and business strategy.  Peter has expertise in the use of probiotics and bioactives for health and was a previous Chair of Blis Technologies (probiotic company).


Dr David Burritt - World-leading plant physiologist with an extensive scientific publication record in plant secondary metabolites including anthocyanins and their use in health applications.


Dr Peter Campbell – Head of Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute genomics researcher.  Peter was elected to the USA National Academy of Medicine in recognition of his contribution to cancer genetics.  He has an Otago University medical degree, is a hematologist and has a PhD from Cambridge University.


Dr Greg Cook  - World leading microbiologist specialising in bacterial physiology and antimicrobial resistance.


Dr Greg Walker - Specialist in the formulation and delivery of bioactive molecules in humans and animals. His particular interests are in physico-chemical principles relating to how delivery systems can influence the absorption, disposition and fate of bioactives in the body and how such systems can increase the efficacy of bioactives.


The Science of Lung Health

Free Downloadable Booklet on The Science of Lung Health and what you can do it Improve your Lung Health