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Zestt Breathe+

Zestt Breathe+

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Zestt Breathe+

For immunity and lung health (formerly known as EXhale)

24 lozenges per pack.  Comes in 1-pack, 2-pack and 10-pack sizes.

These naturally-derived lozenges* boost your immune system and support lung health, supporting a clear and healthy respiratory system. Consume 1 lozenge daily after food for every-day health.  In times of sickness, or ill health, consume 2 lozenges per day, morning and evening, after food.

Each lozenge contains the following bioactives:

Anthocyanins (from boysenberries & blackcurrants) (600mg) are bioactives that support lung health and immunity by reducing inflammation and supporting a clear respiratory tract.

They promote the production of M2 macrophages which help drive the body's innate immune response.  Anthocyanins are also good antioxidants, helping the body to clear damaging free radicals.

 Quercetin (250mg) Quercetin is a plant-derived flavonoid, from the flower buds of Japonica saphora.  Quercetin is a zinc ionophore which means it helps zinc to cross cell membranes promoting a strong immune response.  Quercetin is also an excellent antioxidant - quercetin as well as chelated zinc and BLIS K12™ probiotics to support the immune system response.

Chelated Zinc (5mg ) Zinc is critical for a high-functioning immune system.  By combining zinc with quercetin, we optimize zinc action within cells.  The zinc in Breathe+ lozenges is in a chelated form to be more gentle on the stomach and to promote bioavailability for the body.

BLIS K12 oral probiotic (25mg)(2.5 Billion CFU)  Blis K12™ are a strain of beneficial bacteria from the Streptococcus salivarius family that support the health of the beginning of our digestive system.  Blis K12™ probiotics inhibit the growth of detrimental microorganisms, promoting oral microbiome health and immunity. 

New Zealand Rātā honey (1800mg) Rātā honey is a source of natural sugars which are important to support the absorption of the bioactives, they are also a source of polyphenols for general health.

*Not recommended if you have a berry or honey allergy. We recommend checking with your medical practitioner before using for children under 10 years of age, or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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Commonly asked Questions about Breathe+

How often should I take Breathe+?
For those with unhealthy lungs, we recommend taking Breathe+ on a daily basis (10mL per day or 1 lozenge per day).  Note that in times of stress, two 10mL doses per day or two-three lozenges can be taken, provided that people don’t exceed the following:
  • The daily recommended maximum dose of quercetin, which is 1,200mg (note there is 500mg of quercetin in one dose of liquid Breathe+ and 250mg per lozenge, but there are other supplements and medicines which may contain quercetin);
  • The daily recommended maximum dose of zinc, which is 50mg (note there is 15mg of zinc in one dose of liquid Breathe+ and 5mg per lozenge, but there are other supplements and medicines which may contain zinc).

For those with healthy lungs, we recommended taking Breathe as needed – in times of environmental stress or illness (10-20mL per day, or 1-2 lozenges per day).

What ingredients are in Breathe+ and are they natural?
The bioactive ingredients in Breathe+ are natural and are sourced from New Zealand and imported (where not grown in New Zealand).  The bioactive ingredients are:
  • Anthocyanins – a boysenberry and blackcurrant extract, with immune boosting properties and lung health properties;
  • Quercetin – a plant flavonol, with immunity properties, extracted from buds of the Japonica saphora tree, acts as a zinc ionophore which means it helps zinc cross cell membranes;
  • Chelated zinc – a form of zinc in its most bioavailable form;
  • Rātā honey – a source of natural sugars which are important to support the absorption of the bioactives, they are also a source of polyphenols for general health.

Where is Breathe+ produced?
Breathe+ is produced New Zealand.  We are a New Zealand Government accredited manufacturing centre (certification can be provided on request).

Our staff are trained in the highest hygiene & laboratory safety standards.  One of our co-founders is immuno-compromised – we truly understand the importance of food and nutraceutical manufacturing hygiene for such groups of people.

What is the science behind Breathe+?
Click here to read the science behind Breathe+. Our co-founders are both scientifically trained and have undertaken their own laboratory analysis and used peer-reviewed scientific literature to formulate Breathe+. 

Zestt has analysed Breath+ for its immunity properties in an accredited University laboratory.  We have had the science behind the Breath+ formula independently scientifically reviewed by scientists and medical practitioners internationally.

Have clinical trials been done on Breathe+?
Clinical and pre-clinical trials have been done by scientists on ingredients within Breathe+. We are currently preparing to run clinical trials of Breathe+ in immune-compromized groups with chronic lung disease.  Ultimately, we are aiming for Breathe+ to be available as a prescribed medicine as well as a nutraceutical.

Should I take Breathe+ everyday?
For people with chronic lung issues, we recommend taking Breathe+ every day, for others, we recommend taking Breath+ everyday or when you feel like your immune system needs a boost. 

I have been told that my lung disease is incurable, how will Breathe+ help?
Breathe+ won’t cure diseases, but it can help reduce inflammation and phlegm and support your immune system.  

How does Breathe+ work?
Breathe+ has immune boosting bioactives, anthocyanins, quercetin and zinc to bolster your health.

Free delivery for purchases over $50 anywhere in the lower 48 states

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