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Zestt Oral+

Zestt Oral+

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Zestt Oral+ 

For periodontal oral health

 24 lozenges per pack.  Comes in 1-pack, 2-pack and 10-pack sizes.

Oral+ Periodontal Oral Health lozenges support good oral hygiene. Take Zestt Oral+ daily, to reduce tooth-decay, enhance gum health and minimize bad breath.

Oral health has also been linked directly to heart health, brain health and sinus health - change your outcome today with Oral+ lozenges!

Bioactives in Oral+

BLIS M18 Probiotics 25mg (2.5 Billion CFU) Blis M18 probiotics represent a new generation of advanced oral probiotics, from a specific strain of beneficial bacteria, Streptococcus salivarius.   BLIS M18 Probiotics have been scientifically developed to protect the teeth and gums. They work by crowding out the bad bacteria and colonizing the mouth with good, healthy bacteria.
Tooth decay and gum disease are the by-products of bad bacteria which are tough to get rid of, no matter how good your dental routine is.

BLIS K12™ Probiotics (25mg) (2.5 Billion CFU) Blis K12 probiotics colonize the oral cavity by attaching to cells in our mouths and crowding out bad bacteria. This process is known as bacterial interference. Taking an oral probiotic will boost the levels of BLIS K12™ in the oral cavity and actively crowd out the bad bacteria. BLIS K12™ probiotics also support the immune system and healthy ear, nose and throat health.  

Gold Kiwifruit (600mg) Gold kiwifruit are packed with calcium, a dental super mineral, which helps neutralize damaging acids and bolsters enamel defence.  Gold kiwifruit are also great sources of vitamin C, folate and dietary fibre.  Peer reviewed clinical research has shown good bacteria in the mouth are bolstered by the presence of kiwifruit in oral lozenges.

New Zealand Rātā honey (1800mg) Rātā honey is a source of natural sugars which are important to support the absorption of the bioactives and the colonisation of the probiotics in Gut+.  They are also a source of polyphenols for general health.

*We recommend checking with your medical practitioner before using for children under 10 years of age, or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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